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Talent Bears

It has been almost 10 months since I started this particular faithful journey on the CIEE teach abroad program and I got to experience one of my new favorite events. This was my kids having getting ready for their great talent show!

For the past month and a half my school life has been leading up to one event. A magical talent show where we had to have the children perform dances, give speeches and sing songs. Normally the Korean teachers are supposed to teach the kids a dance, but of course I ,who has seen the entire series of Glee, am too much of a showman to let that happen. Therefore I took command of my 8 boys and had them practice a dance to the popular song “Kungfu Fighting."

So the day finally came and it was time to hit the stage and I can’t express how happy I was. These little boys had been practicing and it was finally show time. They had the most grand costumes and they were so ready to get on the stage and show all of their parents everything they have got!

They were amazing and my only regret is that I didn’t film them on stage. Mainly because I was being a pageant dad and doing the dance in front of the stage. But now I will spend my time hounding parents for the videos that I knew they took lol. It was a great day and its just another benefit of teaching abroad.

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