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2017: The Year of the Friends

It’s the end of the first month of 2017 and while it may start off rocky withAmerica’s political decisions its important to realize that there is still good in the world. I have been fortunate to find to make many new friends here in Korea doing the thing I love most…eating healthy and working out!

I had developed a good routine in the States.My hopes were that in Korea that I would be able to simply catch the lightning in the bottle, do the same thing I did in America and have the same results. I was wrong. I quickly got bored and I found my Korean apartment to confining to actually do my CD workout program. Then I discovered the world of CrossFit! Crossfit, a new exercise craze that is sweeping the world. Well, its not that new, but its new to me. I found a crossfit gym here called KB’s Badass Gym.

The owner KB and myself about 2 months after I started. The gain train was working.

But more than just weight loss I discovered a new group of friends that I have come to call my #crossfitfam!

I’ve had the pleasure to meet some brilliant men and women who are extremely physically fit. But its been recently that I’ve been actually hanging out with them outside of the gym and I’ve found even more dimensions to people I were already liked a lot. It was thanks to them that I got to try special traditional Korean dishes like their Hongeo (fermented stingray), Shellfish Soup, and I even tried the baby larvae (never again) .

I’ve had so much fun simply talking with my new friends that I don’t even realize I’m a foreigner. When I do, it’s a good thing. I am able to share my culture with them just like they share their culture with me.

My message today is that people are everywhere doing everything you want to do and more. You just have to be bold and make the friends in a foreign. Maybe you have a hobby that you love or are a fan of something. When you travel abroad you have to know that you are not alone. Seek out locations where people do the things you like to do.Find the common ground and then, there you have it. New friends. Just like I found with these men!

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