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Wow Airlines and Iceland

In an earlier blog I talked about “Just doing it.” When opportunity knocks you take it. This time my Mom and I were fortunate to get a super cheap flights, $99 each way on the super-economical WOW airlines to Reykjavik, Iceland.

This is my first time flying WOW, the airline where you literally pay for single amenity. But the flight itself is super cheap. And it lived up to my expectations. The flight was rather comfortable and once you realize that you can go very far with a lot less.

Some facts about Iceland: It is truly the land of fire and ice. It is an island made up of 130 volcanoes (some still active) and the rest glaciers! Settled by Vikings in 800 AD, they chopped down all the trees. It's been difficult to repopulate because the soil is so much volcanic ash. In the height of summer, it is 24 hours of sunlight. In the height of winter, it is 24 hours of darkness. Right now, sunrise is around 10:30am and sunset is 5:30pm. (Side note: There is virtually no crime. Nice.)

My time in Iceland was amazing for how brief it was. On the positive side Iceland was a beautiful place. The mountainous landscape and the harsh winds make great pictures for when you have to take those all important selfies. There I also had the chance to visit the famous Blue Lagoon Hot Springs. One of the largest geothermal springs in the world.

On the negative side Iceland is a very expensive place. Everything from the cab ride to the motel to the hoagie at a gas station restaurant were almost three times more than what they would have been if in America. If you’re going to Iceland make sure you have money and that you save up. Because it is worth it for the experience.

The only regret is that I was not able to see the Northern Lights or Aurora borealis in person. We could not predict the weather, but clear skies are needed to see the Northern Lights.Our short time were very cloudy and overcast days.But for a last minute decision, in the spirit of just pulling the trigger, it was a great adventure.

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