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Getting Oriented...Again

Its another adventure in a great land that to where I have never been in and like I have done before, I used my faithful programworked with CIEE that has helped me on the majority of my trips abroad. For In Thailand, CIEE has partnered with the Overseas Education Group (OEG) to handle the orientation for its participants in the Teach in Thailand Pprogram. And Aas one of those participants I can firmly say that it was one of the best trip abroad orientations that I have had doing a trip abroad.experienced.

OEG puts its teachers in a high-classluxury hotel for two weeks and in those two weeksduring that time they give you an intensive two weeks of classes that cover everything from Thai culture to teaching and to even your level of health insurance. OEG tries its very best to take care of all of you concerns by constantly asking you questions and, giving you tests., and atAt the end of the orientation you will have a practicum where you will teach actual Thai students. OEG was not all about work either. The organization made sure to include some fun activities and games for its participants as well. We dined out at local Thai restaurants where we forced to order food in Thai. We were shown around the city in an effort to teach us how to navigate the city using Thai public transportation. Lastly, we were treated to a trip to the Grand Palace.

The main point is that if you are starting out on your first trip and it happens to be to Thailand...I thoroughly give my all my support torecommend CIEE and OEG. Together tThey combined will make sure all of your needs are met to the best of their ability. They will try their hardest best to make sure you are aware of all of the seen and unseen issues of in Thailand. The two groups are also very diligent with keeping up with its participants and being available in case people have any questions comments or concerns.

Cnkẁā ca t̄hụng khrậng t̀x pị

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